ChatGPT's near-term loadmap in 2023

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The 2023-2024 roadmap, as revealed in conversations with developers at OpenAI's Tour 2023 London

  • Cheaper and faster GPT-4 - top priority
  • Longer context windows - 1 million token window is expected to be realised in the near future
  • Fine-tuning API - Expect the fine-tuning API to be extended to newer models
  • Stateful APIs - Current chat APIs need to send the entire conversation to remember context, but in the future we'll see APIs that remember conversation history.
  • In 2024, multimodality - support for multimedia, including images. Demonstrated as part of GPT-4 rollout, but won't be open to all users until we get more GPUs


  • No intention to compete with customers - will not launch any other products besides ChatGPT
  • The vision of ChatGPT is to become a super-smart assistant - ChatGPT is just a platform and a hub, so feel free to build new AI services on it.
  • Advocates for scaling laws - they have internal data and expect their model to double or triple in size every year rather than grow by a few orders of magnitude.